Then, it will ride naturally.

Try to measure the time to get the rhythm.
When you do n’t ride
How are you doing?
Until grabbing the rims
Listening to music
Continue monotonous work
Then, it will ride naturally.
I do n’t get on because I ’m feeling
It’s just an excuse.
Especially if you are working alone
There is that tendency.
In team
If you have someone to listen to
The sense of riding the rhythm is fast.
The more monotonous the work
Work efficiency increases when there are multiple people.
Can be fun.
Monotonous work that is not fun
You can have fun with just a few people.
A big difference is born here.
It ’s not a painful product (laughs)
I have been able to watch engineers for more than 10 years.
I see, the interpretation is good.
As a master of leather craftsman
Continue to be told “Don’t be a craftsman”
At that time, I did not understand the meaning well.
I understand somehow now.
Leather or dressmaking
Technology in hand with career over 30 years
In a sense, when you live in a craftsmanship
I suddenly notice.
To realize that
How it reacts
The difference of monogoto is made.



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